We started out as a bar. Then we got hungry.

Angry Dog is a bar. Cold beer mostly, including the great beers, the light stuff, and lots of local brews. Strong drinks if you're so inclined. And decent wine, but a wine bar it is not. The food is good, reasonably priced, and plentiful. We serve the sort of food that goes well with drinks but we also make great lunches, dinners and late night snacks that don't require a drink to enjoy. We've won lots of awards for our food, but bear in mind that we're talking about awards for burgers, hot dogs, wings and such.
No Michelin stars. We're a bar and we serve the best bar food around. No live music ever, no loud music of any description. Sports on TV and plenty of TVs, but Angry Dog is not a sports bar either. Just a good bar with good food. No valet parking, ever. And none of the pretensions that accompany upscale "venues." Friendly, competent staff, most of whom have been with Angry Dog for years. Perhaps as a result we have friendly customers too, from all walks of life.

We've been doing the same thing since the fall of 1990 and plan to continue just as we are.